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Sizing info

Since the very first collection Stephan uses his own sizing. He doesn’t want to categorize individuals into a standard sizing chart. Garments for men and women are closed in the same way, left over right, why not. Size is just a concept. Please contact us if you need help.

our sizeeuropean men sizeeuropean ladies size
0XS - 34/36
IS - 36/38
IIM - 38/40
IIIXS - 44/46L - 40/42
IVS - 46/48XL - 42/44
VM - 48/50
VIL - 50/52
VIIXL - 52/54

Cardigan Pad

Relaxed cardigan with exposed zip. Knitted twill structure made of 4 different merino colors in shades of onyx, moss and grey, reverse side is in cotton. The graphic vertical lines give a quilted optic and feeling to the cardigan. Plain ribbed collar, cuffs and hem in onyx. 50%wool, 50%cotton.
EUR 135,00
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