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Sizing info

Since the very first collection Stephan uses his own sizing. He doesn’t want to categorize individuals into a standard sizing chart. Garments for men and women are closed in the same way, left over right, why not. Size is just a concept. Please contact us if you need help.

our sizeeuropean men sizeeuropean ladies size
0XS - 34/36
IS - 36/38
IIM - 38/40
IIIXS - 44/46L - 40/42
IVS - 46/48XL - 42/44
VM - 48/50
VIL - 50/52
VIIXL - 52/54

Cardigan Natte

Knitted cardigan cut with our seamless shoulder construction and bias center back seam to emphasize comfort and nonchalance. Knitted twill structure made of 4 different merino yarns in dark hues from night to black, reverse side is in cotton. Classic cardigan neckline in plain black, as well as the ribbed hem. Natural horn buttons. 50%wool, 50%cotton.  
EUR 330,00
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